Why A 7x14 Dump Trailer Could Be A Useful Addition To Your Farm Equipment

If you've bought a farm and you have a lot of plans for changing the land, building animal shelters, and moving around feed and hay, consider buying a dump trailer rather than or in addition to a typical farm wagon. Dump trailers come in all sizes, and you may find a small one to be perfect for your uses. Here's why a dump trailer is useful on a farm.

A Dump Trailer Is Easy To Load And Unload

You can buy dump trailers with walls of various heights. The height of the walls can determine what you haul and how you load the trailer. Small 7x14 dump trailers often have short walls so the trailer can be loaded easily by loading things over the side if needed rather than going through the back gate. This gives you access to the trailer from all sides, which is handy if you need to park along the side rather than back up to the things you need to load.

A dump trailer is even better for unloading things you want to leave in a pile or spread out. The front of the trailer lifts up so the contents spill out the back. This is useful for spreading feed, gravel, and topsoil.

Dump Trailers Are Durable

You can choose a trailer made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum is often the best choice since it is lightweight. Plus, you won't have to worry about aluminum rusting. An aluminum dump trailer can last a long time and give you many years of service on the farm. You'll probably need to replace tires occasionally, and it's important to choose tires that will travel on unpaved roads or grass if you'll be taking your trailer into the field.

A Dump Trailer Can Be Used On The Highway

You can take a dump trailer on the highway legally if you need to pick up lumber and other supplies. You can even carry small equipment on a dump trailer if it's secured with straps. This makes it convenient to get the supplies you need without having to rely on deliveries all the time.

You Could Use A Dump Trailer For Extra Income

Taking care of your farm is probably a full-time job, but if you have spare time, you might consider using your dump trailer to make extra money. You can pick up trash from homeowners and haul it to the dump or use your trailer to pick up metal trash so you can sort it to sell to a recycling center.

For more information about dump trailers, like 7x14 dump trailers, contact a rental company.